Home Security for the Prepper

Home-Security1You are prepared for whatever may come. You have enough food, water, and supplies to last you and your family for years if necessary. You also have a small (or large) investment in equipment, guns, ammo, and all the other necessities to keep you alive while the rest of the world suffers.

But when the inevitable strikes, will you be able to keep your family and supplies safe from others. If you currently have a home alarm installed on your house, will it still function once the power goes out? What about other security measures around your property? This article will consider the some measures you can take to ensure the protection and survival of your family.

Here are some great tips for Home Security

Home Alarms

You might have a state of the art home alarm system installed in your house, but when the lights go out permanently, how effective will it be. A low tech system that generates an alarm or noise when the contacts are tripped may be all you need. A loud alarm will scare off all but the most determined thieves, and give you the heads off to deal effectively with the rest.

Ensure all of your windows and doors are on the system. Wireless systems are now available that can be installed without breaking the bank or tearing out drywall. Additionally, look into systems that can run on battery or solar power.


Security Measures for the House

Multiple locks – You’ve all heard this a million times, but secure your doors with multiple locking mechanisms. Several dead bolt locks is not overkill. Also be certain that your door frames can withstand the punishment of someone determined to break in as well.

Steel doors – Steel doors are tougher and last longer than wooden or aluminum doors.

Window locks – Make sure your window locks are strong and sturdy. Don’t get in the habit of leaving windows open when you leave the house. You might even consider storm shutters which can be placed on the exterior or interior of your house.

Interior door locks – Lock up your supply and storage areas. You may not consider this a necessity, but after a prolonged disaster those seeds you picked up for a dollar will be like gold.


Man’s best friend could really earn that title once the power goes off. Dogs have been guarding people and property long before the invention of electricity and guns. Even some small breeds (that won’t eat much) can quickly alert you to danger when someone unexpected comes around.

If you want a dog that can alert you and attack, look into breeds specific to that purpose such as the German Shepard, American Pit Bull, Doberman Pinscher, and the like. For extra piece of mind have them trained as security dogs. It could be a worthwhile investment.

Keep a low Profile

More than anything, don’t draw attention to yourself and all the supplies and gear you have inside your house. Don’t mark yourself as somebody else’s ‘go to’ supply for food when things get bad. The more you advertise now about your preparedness, the more visitors you can expect later on.

Finally, if you have a home alarm system, don’t go overboard advertising the fact. Too much signage will only make others wonder what you’re protecting inside.



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