How To Use Tea Bags To Stop Bleeding


tea_bagsOne of the people who saw the post and contacted me to tell that a dentist had told a friend to use a tea bag to stop the bleeding after she had a tooth extracted. This all sounded very interesting to me, so I thought I would look into it and do a little research, I thought if you can use a tea bag to stop bleeding in the mouth, could it also be used on external cuts and wounds…

The answer seems to be a big YES! Firstly – I found several dental practice websites recommending the use of tea bags to stop bleeding from abscesses and tooth extraction, so this pretty much confirms the use of tea bags as a natural aid to stopping oral bleeding. I moved on to looking into tea bags for external wounds and I also found a lot of information to back this up too, lots of forum threads plus several health and herbal practitioner websites recommending the use of tea bags as a natural wound dressings to stop bleeding. In both cases you must only use black tea. Black tea is pretty much the standard day to day tea most people drink. I wouldn’t advise trying this with other types of tea…

Why does it work? The reason is twofold – firstly a tea bag is kind of like an absorbent wound dressing to begin with, but secondly it is all about the tannins! The tannins in tea have an astringent effect which helps to tighten blood vessels and stop bleeding. Additionally, tannins also have both anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

How to use a tea bag to stop bleeding - it is pretty much as simple as you might imagine, simply place a cool, moistened tea bag onto your cut/wound and apply gentle pressure. If the wound is bleeding heavily you may want to change the tea bag after a few minutes. You can actually leave the tea bag in place for an hour or two (medical tape/bandage etc), but after that if possible you should probably dress the wound with a band aid/bandage etc.

Disclaimer – I am not a medical expert, this information is based on my own experience and research. Please do your own research and exercise common sense before trying this. If you have an existing medical condition or allergy, please check that this won’t interfere with your condition or medication.

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